This episode of the Posh Corps Podcast investigates the complex, frustrating, dysfunctional health care system available to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. This story is the first segment in The Reform Series, a four-part series about Peace Corps reform efforts.

Nancy Tongue, who served in Chile from 1980 to 1982, struggled to get serious illness covered through the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). FECA, which is administered by the Department of Labor, is the only way for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to get compensation for their service-related medical issues. FECA is so dysfunctional, that many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with serious post-service medical conditions are trapped in a medical limbo, unable to get the treatments they need, unable to work due to illness and unable to get help from Peace Corps. Nancy Tongue started a support group for these volunteers called Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers.


Editorial: Introduction to the Reform Series



Produced and recorded by Alan Toth

Recording and Editorial Assistance by Lauren Schwartzman.

Music: "A Tale" from the album Hang by Laura Inserra. Used under a license provided by iLicense Music

Photos: U.S. Peace Corps & Alan Toth