Warning: This story contains references to and descriptions of sexual violence.

This episode of the Posh Corps Podcast investigates Peace Corps' mismanaged implementation of the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act. This story is the second segment in The Reform Series, a four-part series about Peace Corps reform efforts.

Kate Puzey served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin. She was murdered after blowing the whistle on sexual misconduct by a part-time Peace Corps contract employee. Kate Puzey's parents worked with the members of the advocacy group First Response Action to advocate for the Kate Puzey Volunteer Protection Act. The Kate Puzey Act required Peace Corps to implement new procedures for volunteer victims of sexual assault, and whistle-blower protections for volunteers. The Kate Puzey Act also required Peace Corps to hire a victim advocate to help volunteer victims and agency management understand the rights of victims.

Kellie Greene was the first victim advocate hired by Peace Corps. Kellie says that Peace Corps was resistant to the reforms mandated by the Kate Puzey Act, and that agency management forced her out of her position at Peace Corps.



Produced and recorded by Alan Toth

Recording and Editorial Assistance by Lauren Schwartzman.

Music: "A Tale" from the album Hang by Laura Inserra. Used under a license provided by iLicense Music

Photos: Kate's Voice, Kellie Greene